Ormat: Mammoth's Bad Neighbor

Ormat is being consciously negligent with the Mammoth Lakes community’s water. Historical and recent data by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) demonstrates the clear threat that Ormat’s CD IV project poses to Mammoth’s groundwater supply. USGS research shows the existing geothermal plant is already having adverse effects on the surrounding area.

Ormat’s CD IV project will expand operations closer to the community’s groundwater, which will further expose the town’s crucial water supply to the threat of geothermal contamination and depletion. Experts at USGS have recommended two deep monitoring wells to ensure that Mammoth has sufficient warning of potential groundwater contamination, but as it stands, regulators are only requiring one deep monitoring well. Simply put, the stakes are too high to ignore expert analysis.

To be clear, MCWD is not opposed to Ormat’s project in Mammoth Lakes. Rather, we are requesting that Ormat act as a good neighbor and take a commonsense approach to protecting our public water supply from contamination and losses.

To learn more about the issue, check out our issue background materials below:

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