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General Information

Understanding My Bill 

Water base and wastewater base charges cover the operation and maintenance costs of keeping the water and wastewater systems operating properly. These include the costs of maintaining and operating such items as the treatment system equipment, collection system pipelines, distribution pipeline, pumps, storage tanks and administration. Your water and wastewater base rates are the minimum charges that must be paid in order to have water and wastewater service to your property. The usage charge is for the water that comes onto your property from the District’s distribution system. Consumption is total water usage measured in 1,000 gallon increments. The flow charge for commerical wastewater customers is calculated from average winter water use. 

Sharing Billing Data With a Third Party 
When Am I Billed for Water and Wastewater Charges? 

Meters are read by radio read at the end of each month. Bills are prepared and then mailed or emailed near the first of each month. To avoid a late fee, all payments must be received in our office by the 20th of each month.

I Just Moved and Have a New Billing Address. How Can I Update my Information? 

Please mark the box on your billing return statement stub and note your new billing address on the back of the stub. You can also email or phone us at 760-934-2596 with your new billing address.

My Water Usage Has Gone Up Compared to Last Month for No Apparent Reason. What Can I Do? 

Leaks on the customer’s side of the meter are the responsibility of the property owner, so you will need to contact a plumber or your property manager. If a leak is found and repaired, you may request an adjustment to your usage charges by sending a detailed explanation of your problems and repairs.

How Can I Save Money on My Water Bill? 

By using less water! Check our conservation page for water saving tips, rebate applications and more. The District’s water rate structure rewards customers that use less water.

What Should I Do Before Turning My Irrigation System On in the Spring? 

It is very important that you test your system for leaks or timer problems before turning on your irrigation system in the spring. Click Here for great Sprinkler Spruce-Up tips from WaterSense. For more information on testing for leaks, please contact your plumber.

Do I Need to Winterize My Irrigation System? 

Yes, it is very important to blow out your in-ground irrigation system before the first freeze. The District has some information (Winterizing Tips.pdf) on how to do this, but you may want to hire a professional to perform this service.

I Own a Second Home, What Can I Do to Ensure My Property is Safe and Water System is Operating Properly? 

We recommend that you have a caretaker or homeowner’s service complete a thorough maintenance check of your property at least twice a month.  This can minimize your chances of getting surprised by a huge water bill at the end of the month. We also have a customer portal available, please click here to sign up! Please keep contact information for you and your property manager current so we can promptly reach you if there is a problem.

How Do I Keep My Sewers Fat Free? 

Please click here for more information about the MCWD Fats, Oils and Grease Program.

Can I Get a Map of My Meter Location? 

Yes. Please contact the District at 760-934-2596 to obtain a copy of your meter location map.