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Turf Replacement Program

NEW! MCWD is offering an incentive for our customers to remove turf from their landscape to conserve water. We are currently offering $2.00 per square foot of converted turf area. Please read through the entire Turf Replacement Rebate Application and email or call MCWD at (760) 934-2596, ext. 232 for more information. Applications are accepted beginning May 1 until October 15.

May contain: fake grass

In order to receive a rebate, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions, Pre-Conversion Eligibility and Requirements for Converted Areas of the Turf Replacement Rebate Program on the Turf Replacement Rebate Application.
  2. Fill-out and submit Turf Replacement Rebate Application with Landscape Plan.
  3. Schedule pre-inspection.
  4. Once confirmation of eligibility is received, complete project.
  5. Schedule post-inspection.

Plant Selection Resources

May contain: purple, flower, plant, petal, and lilac

Landscape Tips and Local Resources

Fire-Resistant Landscaping Tips